Saturday, September 8, 2007

Existence Forward / Time Falls Still

There is a weight laying upon me. I know, as my poetry has degraded. Meddlesome tripe not fit for the least creative of schoolchildren.


Perhaps this quest was ultimately false. I will not fail. It has been ages since I’ve seen the Young Master and Mistress.

They are children no more, I’m sure. Though their blood has more knowledge of the other realms than I.

Maya laughs again. This time I agree.

My time with the High Borne has taught me many things. Self-Pity, one of them.

I am not High Borne, I am not of The Blood.

I will not accept failure. I will succeed. My wards still live and I will find them.

Melancholy returns to bid good greetings. I bid farewell. He will return when I chose it.

I am Hanumasha and I will not fail.

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